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My Life Story is not too bad or a good one, you can read the crux written by me in an honest way below:

I am Jaspreet Singh from New Delhi, India. I am a self-made person who continuously strives to add value to people’s lives, I have a god-gifted brain which I use to maximize out potential of anything, and I like cracking algorithms and researching systematically. I would want to reach as many people as I can through the entertainment niche to share my mission and vision.

Short Life Story: I am from a not-so-rich background, but it would be my mistake if I die poor, so I am on a mission to help people achieve their financial goals. My father died when I was barely 9 years old as I said I have had responsibilities since my childhood, after my schooling I started learning SEO and web development, and side by side did my Graduation in Economics, and then an MBA from Delhi School of Economics and have worked for several startups and companies. I have a good experience in this digital field therefore I share a vision to help people arise from their current situations in their lives through education, that sort of a person is who I am.

FAQs about me

Some detailed facts about me that you might have doubts about:

With my Platforms and Social Media I want to reach people through entertainment niche with videos/podcasts and help them grow financially in their lives.

I have been in this Digital Industry for more than 8 years. In those 8 years I got really well versed in SEO, Web Development, Cracking Algorithms, Content Monetization etc.

I want to add value to people's lives, and not just normal people- but the ones who have a will of fire to grow in their lives.

My courses were specially made by me so that the real detailed concept easily gets absorbed. 

If you are looking for other list of services feel free to get in touch with my agency Xpertizex.